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Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 2004 July 2020 Team-LiL torrent télécharger

Trusted torrent

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 2004 July 2020 Team-LiL

Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 2004 En-Us juillet 2020 Team-LiL

Fait avec lil-fella (Team-LiL)

Activation de la licence numérique Windows 10


Supprimer l’activation automatique du document d’activation CMD lors de l’installation

vous disposez déjà du Windows Store et du navigateur Edge

Ajouté à la collection

Mises à jour Microsoft Windows

Système Microsoft

Package de distribution du système Microsoft XNA

Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Direct 9-12

Mega k-lite

WinRAR x64

Booster de jeu intelligent


Winaero Tweaker


Ouvrez le menu Démarrer de Shell + skins supplémentaires

Patcher UltraUXTheme

Sujets supplémentaires

Transférable (sur le disque C)

Vue écran bleu

CPU-Z 192


Éditeur de fichiers hôte +158


Source Nvidia

Spécifications système

Barre des tâchesOutil

WhatsInStartup x64

EasyDark Way


Puissance Wifi

Plan de performance préliminaire puissant


Cortana, télémétrie


Interface graphique de base: activer les paramètres du centre d’activités

Interface graphique moderne: activez les paramètres utilisateur de la batterie externe

Interface graphique de base: activer les paramètres du calendrier

Interface graphique moderne: activer le convertisseur de contrôle de faible volume

Interface graphique de base: activer la visionneuse de photos Windows

Menu contextuel: activez le Bloc-notes pour ouvrir les fichiers nfo

Explorer: désactiver les annonces et les notifications

Explosif: désactiver la surveillance des utilisateurs

Explorer – Ajouter une boîte d’icônes à 4 Mo

Explosif: exécuter dans un processus différent

Interface utilisateur moderne – Utilisation – Désactiver Cortana

Conformité utilisateur moderne – Applications – Cortana désactive la recherche sur Internet

Interface utilisateur moderne – utilisation – Inedrive désactive la connectivité

Interface utilisateur moderne – Réduisez la vitesse d’installation des applications et l’interface utilisateur

Menu Démarrer: désactiver les applications récemment ajoutées

Menu Démarrer: désactiver les programmes de configuration utilisateur suggérés

Système: activer le cache système volumineux

Système: horloge de disque appropriée (5 s)

Système: améliore la vitesse rapide

Système: la bonne réponse du shell Windows

Système: réduire les délais lors du démarrage du logiciel de démarrage de l’ordinateur

Barre des tâches: ajouter de la transparence

Emplois supprimés / désactivés

Constructeur 3D

Impression 3D

Visionneuse 3D

Interface utilisateur moderne – Bing Money

Interface utilisateur moderne – Nourriture et boissons

Interface utilisateur moderne: santé et égalité

Nouvelles de l’interface utilisateur moderne – Bing News

Interface utilisateur moderne – Bing Games

Interface utilisateur moderne – Bing Transport

Interface utilisateur moderne – Temps


Système (personnes)

Mon peuple

Couleur 3D

Les personnes

Impression 3D

Faire une annonce


Musique de Zune

Vidéo Zune


Sauvegarde en ligne OneDrive

Expérience utilisateur intégrée avec télémétrie

Services attribués

Expérience utilisateur et télémétrie intégrée: désactivées

Publier un hôte

OOBE automatiquement arrêté (repensé)

Compte administrateur de zone

Entrée directe

nom d’utilisateur = SISTER

mot de passe = JOUEUR

sélectionner une langue au début de l’installation

sélectionnez où l’installer sur votre ordinateur

Attendez l’installation.

Le compte du contrôleur GAMER local sera créé automatiquement

Le bureau doit être entré automatiquement après l’installation

Crédit: pour le certificat d’activation

Document Microsoft WindowsAddict

URL courte –

IMAGE ISO = compressionGB ESD appliqué

MD5 = FEEBE9607238A0CAD4053988D44BF87D

SHA-1 = DFCC796261D6AB9AB290BB8D97271E80348E9741

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commentaires des joueurs sur la victoire-10

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Free PDF Reader Installer TaterBug download

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Free PDF Reader

Simple, easy and easy to use! Free Windows Reader is a Windows software to view and read PDF documents. Thanks to its simple interface, this PDFZilla software incorporates a standard monitor frame, making it easy to navigate through the settings and options. When it’s free, the app contains no text and includes multi-view mode, text copy conversion, page rotation, PDF printing, and image capture, which is an integral part of Snapshot, the same tool. All in all, it supports major PDF readers, as well as Adobe, a great way to easily read PDF documents. (Function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); Sometimes software developers make it easier to understand how a tool works. The name, Free PDF Reader, does the same for the PDFZillas product. This is what it claims to be! If you are looking for a downloadable PDF reader, this would be a good option. Since you will definitely get a free download of Adobe Reader, here are some reasons why you should choose this item to make it easier. With Free PDF Reader you can view and read all kinds of PDF files downloaded to your system. The simple interface allows seamless navigation for basic options such as viewing multiple pages at once, copying and editing text for editing, dragging the page in or out of applications running the PDFZillas PC reader, you can use the tabs basic tab work in Windows Images or a representative in the tool. However, the icons and interface seem obsolete, making this PDF reader option, organized by most PDF readers on the market, difficult to choose. While the simple Free Reader PDF interface is a blessing, there are other services that make it suitable for the printer. The software supports document printing, allows you to create copies of PDF documents with many views. The free PDF reader supports multiple pages, one page. , real size and height, allows you to work on a laptop with different screen sizes without moving. With a free PDF reader, you can easily rotate the document to view and copy text. The application supports text in the clipboard, which allows you to use text anywhere in the document. This is a great way to make changes. Despite its ease of use and simple interface, Free Reader PDF can be updated as a program. Its biggest competitor, Adobe, is also a free program, making it difficult to beat this great technology. While Free Reader PDF seems non-commercial and scary, it is a good choice for older systems. Programs like Adobe Reader and Nitro PDF Reader can consume resources, reducing the number of ads is another annoying problem. Free PDF Reader always promotes other products in the program. So, common problems can lead to the idea of ​​using Free PDF Reader in the end. Many of the most popular PDFZilla applications include PDF editors, file converters, and PDF merging software. While you may be interested in these programs, the ads may be interesting, for example, reading PDF Reader is still one of the easiest to use and has many features that make viewing, opening andreading PDFs is a breeze. Some ads should not hurt the user and this is not the reason to ignore the other benefits offered by this free PDF reader due to its easy use! Overall, Free PDF Reader is great software for opening and viewing PDF files. It’s easy to slide, easy to use and has many features. The only downside is the lack of high performance. In addition, the ads displayed in the app may confuse users. That said, it’s still worth downloading the PDF software. If you don’t like it, you can download the Adobe Reader you have installed Free PDF Reader, which will ask you to set the program as the default PDF file. Until you are sure of the plan, it is best not to change the settings. If you are satisfied with the free download of the PDF reader, change the settings and set the Free Reader PDF as the default Windows business and productivity tool.


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Camera x64 x86 installer download free torrent

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A fun and intuitive camera for mobile phones The camera is an application that can be used in conjunction with an available app. It is easy to use and has several effects that customers can choose from in seconds. One of the main advantages of this package is that it does not require prior experience. Therefore, it is a viable alternative to more complex services and applications. Although the theory of extension behind the camera is very simple, it is designed to provide a smooth user interface (user interface). Therefore, it is suitable for both children and adults. While there aren’t many editing options to choose from, this device is determined by the special effects that can be applied to images. Everything appears at the bottom of the home screen. Users can quickly swipe left or right to select what you want ((function {(‘view-application-page-desktop’);}); info and other options There are several camera-related effects: squid, «beauty», print, retro and whirlwind Visual images are provided, which allows the user to determine whether the desired effect is selected or not. Unless saved, the image can be exported to another folder or device.


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Train to Busan 2 Pirate Full Movie Torrent

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Train to Busan 2

Type: Action, Scary, Scary
Director: Yeon Sang-ho
Star: Kang Dong-won, Lee Jung-hyun, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim Min-jae, Koo Kyo-hwan
Pipeline: The peninsula occurs four years after the train to Busan when the perpetrators struggle to escape from countries devastated by unusual disasters.
Used = Sailor (mkv)
Time = 01:51
File size = 847 MiB
– Video
Codec information = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Resolution = 720×304
Show AR = | : 1
Bitrate = Frame rate = Color VFR Space = YUV
Insert Chroma = 4: 2: 0
Encoder = x264 – base 157
Information codec = AAC | A_AAC-2
Channel = 2
Bitrate = Samplerate = kHz
Language = Korean

South Korean zombie movie series 2016 (2016).
Author Sang-ho Yeon:
Joo-Suk Park, Sang-ho Yeon Star:
Dong-Won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee, John D. Michaels | South Korean zombie movie series 2016 (2016)

Train to Busan 2

Format: MPEG-4

Profile form: basic media

Codec ID: isom (isom / iso2 / avc1 / mp41)

File size: GiB

Duration: 1 hour 51 min

Minimum type: flexible

Small total: 2,204 kb / s

Write request:


ID: 1

Format: AVC

Format / information: Advanced Codec video

Profile form:

Format settings: CABAC Secrets / 1

Format settings, CABAC: Yes

Structure settings, chapter memory: chapter 1

Identification number: avc1

Codec ID / Information: Advanced video installation

Duration: 1 hour 51 min

Bit rate type: flexible

Bit rate: 2008 kb / s

Small maximum: 6,000 kb / s

Width: 1,280 pixels

Height: 536 pixels

Display Frequency :: 1

Frame rate status: Fixed

Frame rate: FPS

Color space: YUV

Small Chroma sample: 4: 2: 0

Depth: 8 bits

Scan type: Ongoing

Little / (Pixel Chapter *):

Flow size: GiB (91%)

Codec configuration box: avcC


ID: 2

Format: AC-3

Format / information: sound distribution 3

Company Name: Dolby Digital

Identification number: ac-3

Duration: 1 hour 51 min

Bit rate type: Fixed

Bit rate: 192 kb / s

Stations: 2 stations

Channel layout: L R

Sample frequency: kHz

Frame rate: FPS (1536 SPF)

Shooting method: Loss

Flow size: 154 MiB (9%)

Good service: Full key

Options: Yes

Group of partners: 1


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